Jill M.

Not a day goes by when I’m not complimented on my beautiful smile. I give a huge thank-you to Dr. Adams and his staff!

Patti O.

As a registered dental hygienist for 30 years, I am extremely pleased to refer my friends, family, and patients to Dr. Adams (daughter Emily to left). Dr. Adams and his staff are very knowledgeable, professional, and caring. Dr. Adams always takes time to consult with parents and patients to customize each treatment plan. I am very pleased with my daughter’s results. Dr. Adams and his staff come with my highest recommendation!

Abbie G.

While not everyone relishes getting braces, Dr. Adams and his staff make the whole process as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. They were very careful to make sure that I understood what was going on and were always friendly. I could tell that they cared about me as a person and not just as a patient. At Dr. Adams office, they obviously take great pride in providing the best orthodontic care possible.

Alan W.

At the first appointment expectations for treatment were set in a very realistic and understandable way. The same expectations were delivered as promised in the timeframes described. There were no surprises with the treatment costs. Throughout my 25 months of visits everyone in the office was very pleasant and genuinely happy to see me. Dr. Adams is a very good listener in helping to address any concerns I had along the way. Instructions given for steps to follow between appointments were made very clear and easy to follow. The front desk was able to get me into the schedule anytime I had concerns between scheduled visits. In the end I am left very pleased with my smile and would recommend Dr. Adams and his staff to anyone interested.

Carolena N.

I loved having Dr. Adams for an orthodontist. I always used to bring my stuffed animals in with me. Its kind of become my legacy here as well as crazy color combinations for rubber bands. Everyone has so much patience indulging me in my artistic color schemes.

Jason W.

As a young adult I honestly never wanted brace’s. My first appointment consisted of a few painless exams and a quick meeting with Dr. Adams. From this simple exam I learned Dr. Adams was a very good listener and was quick to address all of my concerns. Dr. Adams and his staff were very professional, upbeat, and quick to resolve any concerns I had throughout my treatment. With the support they provided, I had the confidence needed to get through the treatment and move closer to my ultimate goal of perfectly straight teeth. From my experience, I would recommend anyone looking for professional orthodontic care to set up an exam with Dr. Adams. Let’s be honest, if I could do it all over again, I would. Please remember orthodontists have the education, experience and expertise to recognize the difference between a simple case and a complex one. And when a case is challenging, orthodontists know what to do. Don’t settle for anything less than perfectly straight teeth!!

Kim S.

Dr. Adams and his staff have been absolutely wonderful to all three of my children while they were patients (daughter Ashley to left). The office has a friendly and warm atmosphere. Dr. Adams and his staff are always willing to take extra time with us to make sure we understand each procedure. They have called us after appointments to see how we were doing. The outcome from the children’s braces has been amazing… I am truly grateful for the remarkablel care our family received from Dr. Adams.

Beth G.

I am one of Dr. Adams “older” patients. I have wanted to get braces for some time now, but I wanted my children to have them before me, so I put it on hold until just recently. Dr. Adams was referred to me by a friend, and I am so pleased that I selected him. Spending time with Dr. Adams and his friendly staff has made this experience an enjoyable one. They are very good at explaining what they are doing concerning the braces and also answering questions I have about procedures. I have had very little discomfort during this process, and when I have, Dr. Adams and his staff have gotten me in immediately to help me get relief. I am almost half way through the time of wearing braces and when it’s completed I will miss seeing Dr. Adams and all the wonderful ladies he has working for him. However, I will be pleased to show off my straight teeth! I recommend that anyone considering getting braces should choose Dr. Adams as their Orthodontist. I can’t imagine having a better experience anywhere else.

Taylor L.

For ten years, I have been a patient of Doctor Adams, and to this day I am continually impressed with his work. He and his lovely staff understand that each patient is unique; therefore, treat them as such. I truly could not have been happier with my time at Doctor Adams!

Tyler G.

Tyler’s teeth have been a mess since he was two (son Tyler to left). Thanks to you and your crew they are now perfect. Our visits to your office were always very pleasant and professional. Tyler leaves for CMU in two weeks and promises to wear his retainers. Thank-you to all. Alice and Chris G.